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Our Difference

Scientica Foods Supplements with a Natural Difference

Our ingredients are foods and plants.  Everyone knows what foods or herbs are, but in supplements, the way ingredients are encapsulated or created in specific dosages can make all the difference.  For example, if a study shows that 900 mg of an ingredient is effective, but a company only puts 50 mg in each serving, you won't experience the benefits.

What's lurking in your supplements?

The idea for Scientica Foods came along years before it officially incorporated in 2010.  We never want to be just another company in a crowded marketplace.  We started because we realized that over 90% of supplements contain toxic ingredients.

To maximize profits, some supplement companies use cheaper quality or less of the active ingredients, and more inexpensive fillers in their products.  In addition, many supplements contain toxins.  These can be found in the main ingredients, growing or extraction method or part of the fillers and binders used in manufacturing process.

Before you buy new supplements or renew the products you use regularly, check the labels.  How much active ingredients are in your products?  Are there any toxic binders or fillers?  

Scientica Foods products are always pure and natural, with no:

  • Pesticides and toxins
  • Allergens
  • GMOs (genetically modified organisms)
  • Toxic fillers/binders/flow-agents
  • Non-nutritive ingredients

The Scientica Foods Difference - naturally effective

We design our products to be pure and work better in lower quantities.  In fact, Scientica Foods was started to solve specific health issues that we experienced.  We take the products ourselves and our family members do too.  So we have a lot at stake in making products that are pure, effective and won't harm you in any way.

Scientica Foods delivers pure and natural supplements.

Live Source.  We select our ingredients based on quality and clinical research.  Every ingredient comes from a once-living source.  We believe that this is the best way to achieve unlimited wellness.

100% Natural.   To us, natural means free of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organism) and free of toxic chemicals (e.g. hexane, which is typically used in extraction process.)

cGMP.  Our products are manufactured in the USA in a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practices) facility that is audited regularly by the NSF.  Strict GMP requirements ensure quality manufacturing process.

Evidence-based.  We rely on modern science to prove the efficacy of each ingredients in our formulas.  Our products are tested at each key step to ensure quality and consistency.

Energetics. Our products are crafted with caring intention and kept in a balanced energy field environment.

Vegetarian friendly. We focuses on plant-based ingredients because we want the highest quality.  All of our products are vegetarian, unless stated otherwise.

High Quality Vegetable Capsules.  We use solvent-free vegetable capsules.  We do not use tablets because they require glue to bind the ingredients.

No binders/flow-agents.  Most companies use magnesium stearate, vegetable stearate and silicon dioxide as binders or flow-agents.  Over time, these ingredients may impair your immune system and slow down the digestion of the very nutrients you are buying. 
Binders and flow-agents include: magnesium stearate, calcium stearate, vegetable stearate, stearic acid, silicon dioxide, coloring and talcum powder.  Click here to find more about Typical Toxins in your Supplements.

At Scientica Foods, we do not use non-nutritive ingredients, period.  We've dedicated research to delivering natural supplements without harmful ingredients, for you and because our families use them too.

Order with Confidence

Questions?  Contact us at 1-888-448-2331, Monday - Friday from 10am - 6pm CST, and we'll be happy to answer your questions.

Guaranteed No Hassle Return Policy

If for any reason you are not completely happy with any product, you can return it for a full refund of the purchased price (minus shipping & handling) within 30 days of purchase and we will cheerfully refund your money, no questions asked.  Read more to process return.

Go ahead and order with confidence.  Click here to order My Joint Complex

We have no fancy marketing, and no hidden ingredients or tricks.  We never compromise on quality.  If the ingredients are not pristine and effective, we don't use them.

Our products work, pure and simple.